Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Civil Engineers

According to DiscoverE, 81 percent of engineers today report that they decided to become an engineer before they entered college. Only 25 percent decided in elementary or middle school. Looking over the horizon, it’s critical to develop the next generation of civil engineers who will maintain and build our infrastructure.

There are many ways to inspire students to consider civil engineering as a career path. Civil engineers can inspire students simply by telling their stories. They can start by sharing the fascinating projects they work on, the people they work with and the impacts and benefits of these projects. Also, it’s important to connect the opportunities and challenges facing society today and into the future – such as climate change, artificial intelligence, natural disasters, population growth, new modes of transportation, alternative energy, smart cities – and how civil engineers are entrusted and responsible to address and solve these issues.

ASCE is a leader in promoting the profession in schools across the nation. Whether it’s through Civil Engineering Clubs or outreach activities like Future City or Family Day, it’s never too early or too late to introduce students to the profession.

Most notably, ASCE’s film “Dream Big: Engineering Our World,” now streaming on Netflix and Amazon, includes an entire suite of materials that can be used during classroom visits. Show the film to students or classes and follow it up with a panel discussion or some hands-on activities. If you’re visiting for a shorter time, use one of the short educational webisodes to introduce a topic and then supplement it with an activity.

Just recently, ASCE led a successful campaign to place a copy of the “Dream Big” educational toolkit in every school in the United States. The toolkit includes a two-DVD set in English, Spanish and closed-captioning; 20 webisodes; and a guide for teachers.

In addition to these initiatives, ASCE produces a wide range of materials that can assist members during their outreach activities. Brush up on your efforts and access resources such as live workshops and training, or order materials to pass out during events.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s civil engineers, so we must support and encourage students to aim high and dream big.

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