Collection: Disaster Response

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Slideshow: Lessons learned from the Beirut port explosion

Get an up-close look at the types of building damage identified by engineers after an Aug. 4, 2020, explosion rocked Beirut, killing nearly 200 people and causing $10 to $15 billion in damage

From Civil Engineering Magazine

Preparing for inundation

Tsunamis might be infrequent and localized, but their impact on coastlines can be catastrophic. Find out how engineers’ long-running efforts to better protect coastal communities have finally paid off

From Civil Engineering Magazine

Training for disaster

The facilities at which first responders train for disaster response must be designed and constructed to withstand fire, blast, wind, and much more

From Civil Engineering Magazine

Learning about loss

Civil Engineers have learned a great deal from the catastrophic tsunami that struck Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka in December

From Civil Engineering Magazine

Engineers help New York buildings prepare for hurricane season

In the years since Hurricane Sandy brought flooding to New York, the city has been working to prepare its buildings for the next natural disaster

From Civil Engineering Magazine

Essence of resilience: lifeline systems

What keeps a community safe after an extreme event?

An interdependent system of systems.

Resilience starts with keeping those lifeline systems connected and working together

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‘Picking up the pieces and building something new’ – Hurricane Harvey a year later

A year ago, the world watched as Hurricane Harvey battered southeastern Texas with historic levels of rainfall. The ensuing flooding changed lives there forever

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Mexico’s resilience can teach U.S. engineers lessons

An ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division team traveled to Mexico in November, gathering information about the region’s recent earthquakes to help engineers better understand how to make infrastructure more resilient. This is what they learned

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