Topic: Sustainability

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Case study: Seismic strengthening a reinforced concrete bridge

A recent case study in the Journal of Composites for Construction outlines the process of inspections and assessments to identify key areas of concern, and steps taken to repair and strengthen the bridge.

How autonomous vehicles will change road designs

Self-driving vehicles could change not only how we get from place to place but also how we design the roads we ride along — and how we handle stormwater flows.

New paper optimizes testing of groundwater for vulnerability

Using the DRASTIC method, an index-based methodology, researchers assessed groundwater contamination to develop a vulnerability map.

Sacramento-area governments look to create regional trail network

To improve health and safety, provide economic benefits, and help increase transportation access, local governments in the Sacramento, California, region are planning to create a regional trail network.

Evaluating dowel-type connections’ performance in cross-laminated timber

A paper in the "Journal of Structural Engineering" studies the performance of cross-laminated timber dowel-type connections.

Federal government seeks to boost building sector energy efficiency

The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced various initiatives to reduce building sector energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Paper explores positives and negatives of construction industry’s sustainability practices

A new paper for the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management seeks to identify the positive and negative interactions for both practices -- circular economy and lean construction.

Engineers help prepare for hurricane season

To protect people and infrastructure from hurricanes, engineers' efforts range from sea walls to sewer systems, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Emerging technologies for resilient infrastructure

Implementing emerging technologies will prove crucial to the resilience of the civil infrastructure of the future.

New ASCE manual of practice provides framework for hazard-resilient infrastructure

A new ASCE manual of practice released this week gives civil engineers the tools to design, plan, and build more resiliently, more consistently.