Collection: Future World Vision

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What lies ahead?

ASCE introduces the research behind its Future World Vision initiative and the outlines of the worlds it envisions.

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Experience tomorrow’s built future today

Imagine the world 50 years from now. What does 2070 look like? How is society continuing to function? How have technological and environmental challenges affected our cities?
ASCE’s Future World Vision brings those possibilities to fruition

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Once upon a time

Alex McDowell, an award-winning production designer for dozens of Hollywood films, talks about the way he is blending storytelling and data-driven research for ASCE’s Future World Vision

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Future World Vision brings floating city into view

The year is 2070. Imagine that sea-level rise has so altered coastal infrastructure that floodwaters have forced cities offshore, to developments that float on top of the ocean

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ASCE launches new scenario-planning analysis – Future World Vision

Never before has the future looked so exciting

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