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ASCE members #Engineer4Tomorrow during Engineers Week

Though Engineers Week 2021 celebrations looked a little different due to COVID-19 restrictions, ASCE members were still able to share their passion for the profession with the next generation of STEM enthusiasts.

Family, community, engineering – New Face makes everlasting contribution

New Face of Civil Engineering Bahaar Taylor has taken multitasking to a new level.

New Face honoree is #StompingOutStereotypes across the profession

As a child, Chloe Gharios was taught to never be intimidated by the “man’s world.” Now, it’s her mission to inspire young women to break stereotypes and choose careers in STEM – a message she’s spreading via social media.

New Face ‘bridges the gaps’ – both literal and figurative

ASCE New Face of Civil Engineering Danielle Schroeder doesn’t simply work on bridges. She is the bridge.

Extroverted, energetic Boise leader honored as New Face of Civil Engineering

New Face of Civil Engineering Lauren Nuxoll's force of personality is helping her build teams and her hometown of Boise.

ASCE ‘dream teams’ to bring Dream Big, outreach to the digital classroom

Educational outreach in 2020 is different than it was in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed where and how kids learn. But civil engineers have innovated and adjusted so that they can continue to inspire students around the world. “The reason I do outreach is to engage with kids and encourage them to explore the wonders of engineering. It makes me feel good passing on my...

YMG Awards Honor Philly, Mississippi

ASCE has honored the Philadelphia Younger Member Forum (large groups) and Mississippi Section Younger Member Group (small groups) with the Younger Member Group Award for outstanding professional, technical, social, outreach and community service activities.   The Mississippi Section YMG has been working to bridge the gap between students and professionals with various events ranging from community service to social events, presentations, award ceremonies and conference...

‘Engineering a Culture of Inclusion’ part 3: Making a difference

Sidney May talks about her experiences as an engineer in Birmingham, as part of the "Engineering a Culture of Inclusion" series.

COVID-19 Community Calls 14: Social Distancing Educational Outreach

Every day in April, ASCE Plot Points is calling a different civil engineer from around the world to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their life, their community, their work and the civil engineering profession. Thirty days. Thirty phone calls. Community Call 14 features a unique spin on educational outreach courtesy of Jonathan Brower. The Dallas-based structural engineer has been organizing and running civil...

Bringing Engineering to Life

From skyscrapers and dams, to bridges and drinking water, civil engineering is integral to our quality of life. Civil engineers build modern civilization and are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the public, while harmonizing the built and natural environments. In short, civil engineers are society’s unsung heroes. That’s why it is important to celebrate the difference civil engineers make in our...