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October 2020


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The Charles Library at Temple University, in Philadelphia, sets high expectations for what a modern library should be.

Civil Engineering is 90!

On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, Civil Engineering magazine presents letters from ASCE presidents and covers from each decade.

Detecting evidence of COVID-19 in wastewater

Evidence of COVID-19 can be detected early in the wastewater stream.

Infrastructure Solutions: Renewable energy surges forward

This installation of Civil Engineering’s Infrastructure Solutions series, which looks at how civil engineers are using cutting-edge techniques to resolve the issues identified in...
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How wet is your wetland?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Swamp School have each released tools that automate the process to determine if a wetland is in dry, normal, or wet condition at any time.

History Lesson

Harbinger of the future: The Suez Canal (Part 2)

Egypt regains control of the Suez Canal in the final installment of a two-part series.

Fast Forward

Under the sea

An underwater research station extends the time researchers can spend in deep water.

A Question of Ethics

Engineers’ professional opinions must be grounded in observation and analysis

Perhaps unique among all learned professions is the extent to which an engineer’s services affect a multitude of interest groups.

Civil Engineering News

FHWA proposes 10-year debarment for FIGG Bridge Engineers

A partially constructed reinforced-concrete pedestrian bridge collapsed during a post-tensioning operation. The bridge designer contests the government's findings.

New math model based on landslides and pinball analogy used to predict earthquake damage

A NEW MATHEMATICAL model uses a landslide model and a pinball machine analogy to help predict the damage caused by ground motions during seismic events....

AEC industry shows signs of slow but steady recovery

As of late August, early third-quarter economic data and consumer confidence indexes were heading in the right direction as the architecture, engineering, and construction...

Flexible ‘cloaking’ material developed

A team of researchers led by Guoliang Huang, Ph.D., has designed a flexible “cloaking” material that has the potential to help buildings withstand vibrations,...

The Law

Contractor required to rip out work despite inspection approvals

The federal government always has the right to insist on strict compliance with a contract.

Policy Briefing

Passage of Great American Outdoors Act promises greater funding for parks and infrastructure

ASCE has sought an increase in funding for the National Parks Service and other federal land agencies.

Next Step

Get it on paper — and then get moving!

Chris Enbright ably juggles multiple transportation projects as a P.E. I for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Higher Learning

West Point students prepare to be leaders

Critical thinking and ingenuity are key components of a civil engineering course at West Point.

President's Note

A final note

In his final President's Note, Kancheepuram N. Gunalan, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE, expresses gratitude.

Editor's Note

20 minutes into the future?

The Mega City world in ASCE’s Future World Vision initiative seems fantastical, but it’s not.