Collection: Women in Civil Engineering

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Build relationships, have courage, and really listen

Katherine Latham, A.M.ASCE, founded her own engineering consulting firm, Talman Consultants LLC. She offers advice on managing client relationships as well as co-workers and peers

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Becoming leaders

Carolyn Emerson talks about the challenges she saw for women in civil engineering more than a decade ago and what progress she has seen since

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Balancing act: ASCE women prove motherhood and career isn’t an either-or proposition

“So many women working as civil engineers are now in their 20s and 30s and struggling with that question: can I have this career that I’ve worked my whole life for and also have a family?” said Rose McClure, structural engineer

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The state of women in civil engineering

Who do you picture when you think of a civil engineer? Did you picture a woman in the profession?

Studies show that only 14 percent of the civil engineering workforce is composed of women. About 40 percent of women who have engineering degrees never enter the workforce or drop out

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CE Roundtable: Advice for young women in CE

What advice would you give a young woman entering the civil engineering profession

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Bridging the gender wage gap

Is there a gender wage gap in civil engineering?

Depending on whom you ask, the gender wage gap is either a persistent problem in the industry, with women consistently earning less than their male counterparts; or that gap is a myth, an overblown narrative that was rectified years ago

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Should your daughter be a civil engineer? – author revisits article 50 years later

“Women are no longer content to keep house and keep quiet; they make laws, perform operations, and run businesses,” wrote Judy Hamilton in

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