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StartUp Part 5: When to make your first hire

Too much interest? Too many good opportunities? It’s the kind of problem small-business owners dream about – but a problem to address, nonetheless

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Build relationships, have courage, and really listen

Katherine Latham, A.M.ASCE, founded her own engineering consulting firm, Talman Consultants LLC. She offers advice on managing client relationships as well as co-workers and peers

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Let your passions inspire your career

Daniel Campbell is using his knowledge of surveying, soil mechanics, building design, and construction management to help the most vulnerable communities in Dominica rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Maria

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Entrepreneurial engineers

Entrepreneurial engineers continue to go into business for themselves, looking to carve out their niches in the world. What does it take to succeed

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StartUp, Part 4: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Starting Your Own Engineering Firm

Read the Top 10 lessons learned from Mike Howell, CEO, Arrow Engineering

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Engineers rising

An entrepreneur starts with an idea, it’s true.

But a successful entrepreneur pairs the idea with a plan

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StartUp: A Firsthand Look at Starting Your Own Engineering Firm

It usually starts with a daydream.

“What if instead of working for my boss, I was the boss? What if I was the one making all the decisions? Maybe I could start my own company.”

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Ask Anthony: How do I grow my small civil engineering business?

What is the best way to perform business development and the best ways to balance marketing and business development activities with design work

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From engineer to entrepreneur

You don’t have to be born an entrepreneur, but rather you can be made one through some smart risk taking and the right leadership and moral traits

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