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September 2020


Accelerating through adversity

Some critical civil engineering projects have been completed faster than expected during the pandemic. The culprit? Fewer people on the roads.

Delivering a masterpiece

New York's new Kosciuzsko Bridge links Brooklyn and Queens, reshaping the skyline of the boroughs it connects.

Entrepreneurial engineers

Entrepreneurial engineers continue to go into business for themselves, looking to carve out their niches in the world. What does it take to succeed?

Balancing security and care

In creating this modern mental health center, the design team had to balance maximum security and patient care while also facing challenging site conditions and program requirements.
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History Lesson

Harbinger of the future: The Suez Canal (Part 1)

Bridging East and West, the Suez Canal was a pinnacle of 19th-century infrastructure.

Fast Forward

Arbor harbor

A floating "parkipelago" is set to launch in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A Question of Ethics

Build your professional reputation on your own merit

Don't take credit for someone else's work.

Civil Engineering News

Net-positive energy building designed with circularity in mind

The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands is constructing its newest teaching building with circularity and sustainability in mind.

Engineers help New York buildings prepare for hurricane season

In the years since Hurricane Sandy brought flooding to New York, the city has been working to prepare its buildings for the next natural disaster.

Construction begins on stormwater treatment area to benefit Florida’s Everglades

Construction recently began in Florida on a key component of the Central Everglades Planning Project, an ambitious to increase flows of water headed south through the Everglades.

Arizona train derailment and fire damage historical bridge

A Union Pacific Railroad cargo train crossing a historical bridge in Tempe, Arizona, derailed and caught fire on July 29, causing a portion of the north–south bridge to collapse, sending several railcars toppling off the bridge and onto the ground below.

The Law

Limiting contingent payment clauses: A new trend?

Is limiting contingent payment clauses a new trend?

Policy Briefing

House passes $10-billion Water Resources Development Act, focus turns to Senate

The Water Resources Development Act would fulfill a longstanding goal of many infrastructure advocates.

Next Step

Choose an inspiring mentor and a job that fits your values

Katie Bowman, P.E., M.ASCE, is making a long-lasting difference in the world.

Higher Learning

Carbon composites make their way from the lab to the field

Researchers at the University of Kentucky are pioneering a family of lightweight CFRP composite products.

President's Note

Realigning ASCE for the future

The American Society of Civil Engineers stands at the edge of transformational change.

Editor's Note

Time to start a business?

Starting a business during a pandemic may seem foolhardy, but this article tells you why it's not such a bad idea.