The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers
May/June 2021


Turtle-inspired dome tops former Tammany Hall

The interior of New York City’s former Tammany Hall was replaced with a modern concrete structure topped by dome that honors the Lenape.

Transit project extends rail to Silicon Valley

The $2.3-billion Berryessa extension project overcame site challenges to bring heavy-rail passenger trains to Northern California’s Santa Clara County.

2021 AEC forecast: Up or down?

As the pandemic wanes, the architecture, engineering, and construction market will embark on a K-shaped recovery.

New bridge boosts capacity from Port of Long Beach

More goods can move faster across – and under – a cable-stayed bridge at one of the nation’s busiest ports.

Running deflection testing in tandem optimized an airport runway assessment

Airport officials at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport coupled two types of deflection tests to assess the condition of one of its runways.
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In situ concrete maturity sensors save construction time, money

Piezoelectric concrete sensors are capable of assessing concrete’s maturity in situ, a development that will increase construction site flexibility.

History Lesson

The Augusta Canal helped power a Georgia city’s burgeoning textile industry

The Augusta Canal in Georgia created the largest industrial complex in the 19th-century South.

Fast Forward

Floating, nature-forward campus imagined for New York Harbor

Seven man-made “disc” islands that are linked via walkways and surrounded by floating wetlands are designed for humans and flora and fauna.

A Question of Ethics

Are incentives for time savings ethical?

Nothing in ASCE’s new code of ethics directly addresses incentives. Are they okay?

The Law

Why the AEC profession should avoid jury trials

One word was missing from a single instruction. The result? The parties may spend millions to fix the error.

Next Step

Never miss an opportunity to network

Danielle Goudreau, P.E., M.ASCE, landed a job as a project manager by asking questions, attending conferences, and getting involved.

Higher Learning

University course teaches sustainability from all angles

Sophomore-level civil engineering course introduces students to the three legs of sustainability: environment, economy, and society.

Wish I'd Known

How COVID-19 affected maritime coursework

The pandemic caused some choppy seas for a maritime academy’s engineering students.

At a Glance

What is the cost of our failure to act?

When the nation fails to invest in infrastructure, everyone pays the price.

7 Questions

How to maintain company culture when working remotely

Cale Ash, P.E., S.E., shares his experiences with maintaining company culture during the pandemic, and how those lessons may inform the future workplace.

President's Note

Seeking change in ASCE and the nation

Student voting rights and the 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure can have a positive impact.

Editor's Note

The recovery will be uneven in more than one way

As the economy recovers, firms should remember those workers left behind.