Help ASCE raise the grades for America’s infrastructure

Every four years, ASCE releases the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, which evaluates the condition and need for improvement of the nation’s critical infrastructure. The 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure assessed 17 infrastructure categories, leading to a C- grade for our national infrastructure.

While this is an improvement from the D+ given in the 2017 Report Card, 11 of the categories are still in the ‘D’ range. So over the next four years, we need you to urge Congress to take action on sustained investment and focus on resilience to raise the grade.

Get involved by sharing the 2021 Report Card with your legislators. Write them an email or reach out to them via social media. Make an even bigger impact by becoming a Key Contact; learn how to develop relationships with your elected officials and influence public policy.

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  1. I just made a brief overview of the ASCE 2021 Report Card to our local men’s group and there were several questions.
    1. What is the breakdown of the Energy category; i.e., coal, wind, solar, hydroelectric?
    2. Should cyber security be an item?

    Thanks for your input. Larry G. Mrazek, P.E., S.E.


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