The Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers
July/August 2021


Engineers help prepare for hurricane season

To protect people and infrastructure from hurricanes, engineers' efforts range from sea walls to sewer systems, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Best places for civil engineers 2021

Why are three cities from Texas on the list this year? Which city knocked Washington, D.C., down a peg? Why are younger engineers interested in Philadelphia? Read on.

Historic Washington, D.C., library gets a makeover

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library was transformed into a structure with vibrant multiuse spaces and a renovated rooftop that maximizes city views.

Artificial lake fulfills many roles in a new Houston park

Hines Lake provides the local community with stormwater treatment, flood control protection, recreational facilities, and other benefits.

Michigan covered bridge replaced with nearly identical replica

Destroyed by arson in 2013, the 144-year-old Whites Bridge was replaced recently with a nearly identical replica.
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How wet is your wetland?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Swamp School have each released tools that automate the process to determine if a wetland is in dry, normal, or wet condition at any time.

History Lesson

The Victoria Falls Bridge holds its own against a natural wonder

Connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls Bridge is a testament to man's ambition and outside-the-box thinking.

Fast Forward

Artificial archipelago will store thermal energy off Helsinki’s coast

Ten 225 m diameter ‘islands’ – four encased in domes to form greenhouses – will store heat in deep, thermally insulated basins that can hold up to 10 million cu m of water.

A Question of Ethics

Engineers must create a culture of zero tolerance for corruption in their workplaces

A zero tolerance policy for bribery, corruption, and fraud is still the imperative in ASCE's new code of ethics.

The Law

Who is responsible when a substituted product causes trouble?

A contractor decided not to use a brand-name product. The consequences were costly.

Next Step

Continued learning and setting boundaries are keys to career growth

Kush A. Vashee, P.E., CAPM, ENV SP, LEED Green Assoc., M.ASCE, advises younger engineers to adopt a growth mindset and practice empathy.

Higher Learning

Hybrid course helps new students feel connected — even from home

Freshmen-level architectural engineering course at Cal Poly fosters a sense of community for students on and off campus.

Wish I'd Known

Why people skills belong in your tool bag

Technical knowledge is essential for engineers, but a people-focused approach is also key to a successful career.

At a Glance

ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition reaches its 34th year

ASCE’s most popular student competition has generated many records over the years.

7 Questions

How to remedy five management flaws and create resilient teams

Jennifer L. Donahue, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, shares her experiences on how engineers can create resilient teams prepared to weather any and all crises.

President's Note

Civil engineers create wonders of the world

ASCE President Jean-Louis Briaud, Ph.D., P.E., highlights some of the incredible and innovative work of civil engineers throughout history.

Editor's Note

Civil engineers help cities weather the storms

Some of the cities in our Best Places for Civil Engineers 2021 index are also those prone to strong storms and rising sea levels. Coincidence?