UESI’s Dennis wins Surveying and Mapping Award

ASCE has honored Michael L. Dennis, Ph.D., P.E., R.L.S., M.ASCE, with the 2021 Surveying and Mapping Award for significant contributions to the field of surveying and geomatics through outreach, research, and practice, including leadership within the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute.

Dennis has contributed to two significant efforts, the promotion of an updated National Spatial Reference System and the elimination of the U.S. Survey Foot. His workshops were well-known prior to his return to academia to complete a doctorate. He serves on the boards of several geospatial organizations promoting geodesy, among whom is the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Through his work as a geodesist at NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey, he assists in developing products and services that define, maintain, and provide access to the NSRS. In 2011 the State of Oregon passed a law declaring an updated coordinate system based on Dennis’ work. By way of presentations and workshops on various aspects of geodesy he continues to entertain and educate his audience. This work benefits local, state, and federal agencies, including the emergency response community.

The Surveying and Mapping Award recognizes contributions to the advancement of surveying and mapping either in teaching, writing, research, planning, design, construction, or management.


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