Tang Receives Halpin Award for 2020

ASCE has honored Pingbo Tang, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE, with the 2020 Daniel W. Halpin Award for Scholarship in Construction for research and education activities that pioneer theories and practice of predictive civil infrastructure construction, operation and management through an integration of human-centered automation, structural engineering, automated spatiotemporal data analytics and management science.

Tang has continuously contributed and distributed his research discoveries to benefit the civil engineering community. His research explores the remote sensing, computer vision, human systems engineering, multisource data analytics and information modeling technology to support predictive management of construction workspaces, constructed facilities and civil infrastructure systems. His research efforts have produced automation techniques that enable automated 3D imagery data collection, processing and interpretation for supporting efficient and effective bridge inspection and construction quality control. His efforts in using the information automatically extracted from videos and various documents (accident reports, bridge inspection reports) have revealed various principles and mechanisms underlying the operational processes of construction and infrastructure projects.

Tang has been distributing knowledge through multiple channels, including academic publications, workshops, presentations and workshops, and other outreach activities. He has authored or coauthored 29 journal articles, 76 peer-reviewed conference publications and three book chapters. Most of his publications are in reputable, high-impact journals such as the ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering and the Journal of Automation in Construction. Given all of Tang’s outstanding contributions to the advancement of research and education focused on civil infrastructure systems, he strongly meets the criteria for the award and is thus an exceptional candidate for this honor.

The Daniel W. Halpin Award for Scholarship in Construction recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship that advances construction engineering as a science. 



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