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Inequities for Black and Latinx engineers continue, report finds

A Georgetown University report finds serious underrepresentation and persistent wage gaps for Black and Latinx employees in the field of engineering.

ASCE’s 2021 top 10 best places for civil engineers

ASCE reveals its annual Best Places for Civil Engineers index.

Find Out How Much You’re Worth

It pays to be a civil engineer. But just how much? Are you getting paid what you’re worth? The ASCE 2020 Civil Engineering Salary Report reveals current and long-term trends related to income, salary and benefits of U.S. civil engineers. The report details information collected from civil engineers with varying specialties and at different levels of their careers. The salary calculator allows you to customize reports by...

ASCE Salary Report reveals ‘strong’ profession, positive trends

The ASCE 2020 Civil Engineering Salary Report shows an industry with fundamentals that continue trending in the right direction.

Civil Engineering Salaries Continue Trending Up

If civil engineering were a stock, the analysts would be shouting, “Buy!” ASCE’s new "2019 Civil Engineering Salary Report" reveals a median pretax annual salary of $109,000 in 2018, continuing an upward compensation trend in the industry. Civil engineers’ base salaries have risen at a rate of 4 to 6 percent each year since 2016. “Civil engineers design, build and maintain the infrastructure systems we use each...

These Are the Best Places to Be a Civil Engineer

Skyscrapers, airports, bridges – you name it, civil engineers build it. The nation needs more civil engineers to lend their ingenuity and bring growing cities to life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the civil engineering field is projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for most occupations. Whether you’re a new civil engineer or simply looking for change, finding...

Civil Engineers’ Incomes Continue to Increase, Salary Report Shows

The pay trend for civil engineers continues to point up. The "2018 ASCE Civil Engineering Salary Report" shows a median $106,500 pre-tax annual income for civil engineers – a significant increase from the $101,000 figure in the 2017 salary report. “Civil engineers are the creators and stewards of the infrastructure systems we use each day, and the rise in salaries shows that the marketplace values our...

Balancing act: ASCE women prove motherhood and career isn’t an either-or proposition

“So many women working as civil engineers are now in their 20s and 30s and struggling with that question: can I have this career that I’ve worked my whole life for and also have a family?” said Rose McClure, structural engineer.

ASCE News Series: Women in Civil Engineering

Linda Force has seen it all in civil engineering, from $1-an-hour wages in the 1960s to life as the CEO. Along the way, she’s learned not to suffer fools gladly. She remembers earlier in her career, inspecting a warehouse in Oakland after an earthquake. The place was a mess – the horizontal trusses shattered, the ceiling caving in. Force, the lead investigator – and, yes, as...

Bridging the gender wage gap

Is there a gender wage gap in civil engineering? Depending on whom you ask, the gender wage gap is either a persistent problem in the industry, with women consistently earning less than their male counterparts; or that gap is a myth, an overblown narrative that was rectified years ago.