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In situ concrete maturity sensors save construction time, money

Piezoelectric concrete sensors are capable of assessing concrete’s maturity in situ, a development that will increase construction site flexibility.

Crescent shape marks new airport terminal in New Orleans

The new Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport terminal features a crescent-shaped geometry designed to withstand hurricanes.

Chase Center arena in San Francisco excels above and below ground

The opening of the Chase Center arena in San Francisco is the capstone in the transformation of the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood. Located on reclaimed ground with weak soils and a high water table, the project works were innovative above and below grade.

Maryland school district uses public-private partnership to build public schools

A Maryland school district entered into a public-private partnership that will design, build, finance, and maintain six public schools.

Georgia treatment facility will use membranes to boost performance

A replacement water reclamation facility in Roswell, Georgia, will improve the environment, reduce odors, and ensure adequate capacity through 2050.

Accelerating through adversity

Some critical civil engineering projects have been completed faster than expected during the pandemic. The culprit? Fewer people on the roads.

Entrepreneurial engineers

Entrepreneurial engineers continue to go into business for themselves, looking to carve out their niches in the world. What does it take to succeed?

Delivering a masterpiece

New York's new Kosciuzsko Bridge links Brooklyn and Queens, reshaping the skyline of the boroughs it connects.

Tariffs Call for Innovation Where Least Expected

John Barton, P.E., M.ASCE, serves as HNTB Corporation's national DOT market sector leader and senior vice president. Barton's experience includes nearly 30 years at the Texas Department of Transportation, including his most recent role as deputy executive director. Today, he shares how what he calls the “new tariff reality” could bring out the best in civil engineers. Anyone who has taken a microeconomics course is not...

Want to Make Your Engineering Firm More Profitable? Focus on Your People

Randy P. Wall, P.E., M.ASCE, is a vice president for the Western Branch of ASCE's Montana Section. He is the president of the Engineering Leadership Institute, consulting with firms to create success-focused cultures, improve operations, and increase profits. In today's Member Voices column, Wall outlines a path toward profitability that might surprise some: a hyper-economic, results-based business focus might, ultimately, be bad for business. You know...