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Shenzhen, China, transportation hub inspired by mangrove’s root structures

With transit connectivity inspired by the root structure of mangrove trees, the new transit hub in Shenzhen, China, will link air-, land-, and water-based transit.

Italian and Chinese architecture combine in Chengdu, China, complex

Design firm aoe has combined two distinct architecture styles — Italian and Chinese — in one pavilion complex to illustrate the cultural mix that defines the history of Chengdu, China.

Slideshow: Continuous loop design to create landmark tower in China

The tower’s design highlights the importance of innovation and artistry to smartphone company Oppo, for which it is being built.

Got face masks? Make a road!

Wondering what to do with those millions and millions of disposable face masks that people have been wearing during the pandemic — and then disposing of basically wherever they please?

Removing the ‘Ever Given’ from the Suez Canal is just the beginning

Dredgers helped free the massive Ever Given container ship after it became stuck in the Suez Canal at the end of March. But the impact of the incident is still developing.

ASCE’s global reach extends to international federations

Recent actions by engineering federations have expanded ASCE's reach internationally.

Slideshow: Striking geometric lines to elevate conference venue’s expansion in Beijing

The 16-building, 438,500 sq m exhibition venue expansion combines indoor and outdoor spaces in a design inspired by the lines and textures of traditional Chinese ceramic roof tiles.

Slideshow: Design of Belgium casino reinterprets area’s historic sand dunes

The coastal casino, to be built in the municipality of Middelkerke, Belgium, will boast organic exterior lines and offer seawall protection, walking paths, and rooftop plantings.

Slideshow: ‘Leaning’ library to offer expansive views, lessen solar gain in South Korea

The design of a multistory, rounded library protects south-facing interiors from solar gain in summer while maximizing thermal gain in winter.

Video: Art installation also provides pedestrian access to London’s Dinosaur Island

The 8 m long pivoting art installation can, when necessary, swing around to offer pedestrian access to the Crystal Palace Park island that hosts Victorian-era dinosaur sculptures.