Structural Engineer Behind Notable New York Skyscrapers Has Died


ASCE has learned of the passing of Fellow John G. Shmerykowsky, P.E., F.ASCE, founding principal of Shmerykowsky Consulting Engineers in New York City, who died on April 2. He was 79.

Shmerykowksy established the structural engineering firm in 1996 and was soon joined by his son, Marco J. Shmerykowsky, P.E., F.ASCE. Over the course of 20 years, father and son built a company serving clients as diverse as SL Green, Gensler, and JP Morgan Chase.

Earlier in his career, Shmerykowksy was a partner-in-charge of Weiskopf & Pickworth, where he engineered Manhattan landmarks including the AT&T Long Lines building and 750 7th Avenue, as well as 120 Park Avenue and 33 Maiden Lane. A Life Member who joined the Society in 1980, Shmerykowksy wasn’t one to boast. “‘I’ve got a couple of buildings’ is how he once summed up his career,” remembered Marco, whose father also was closely affiliated with 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, now known as 28 Liberty Street.

“He was beloved by his colleagues, his friends, and his family. To the many who learned from him, a walk around New York shows forth the legacy of a great man,” his son said. “A man who will be missed.”


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  1. I worked for John at W&P.. and later with him as a client at IBM on the Somers campus. He was my mentor. Just came accross this notice of his passing in 2016.


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