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The key to structural safety may be collaborative reporting

Modeled on the British CROSS-UK system, CROSS-US accepts reports from any professionals who work with or have knowledge of structural safety issues.

Evaluating dowel-type connections’ performance in cross-laminated timber

A paper in the "Journal of Structural Engineering" studies the performance of cross-laminated timber dowel-type connections.

Historic Washington, D.C., library gets a makeover

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library was transformed into a structure with vibrant multiuse spaces and a renovated rooftop that maximizes city views.

Michigan covered bridge replaced with nearly identical replica

Destroyed by arson in 2013, the 144-year-old Whites Bridge was replaced recently with a nearly identical replica.

Quest for answers begins following Florida building collapse

The tragic building collapse in Surfside, Florida, leaves a mountain of questions for forensic investigations to answer.

Emerging technologies for resilient infrastructure

Implementing emerging technologies will prove crucial to the resilience of the civil infrastructure of the future.

Comments sought on new edition of ASCE 7

A public comment period is now open for the 2022 edition of ASCE/SEI 7 Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures.

Surviving high winds: Enhancing the durability of residential construction

Extreme tornado events can cause damage and loss of life as a result of flying debris and collapsing structures. While most tornadoes are generally weak and occur in lightly populated areas, there are extreme events, like one in March 2020 that ravaged Tennessee. Multiple storm systems resulted in two tornadoes, one in Cookeville, Tennessee, and the second near Baxter, Tennessee with wind speeds of...

Volume offers monumental look at late 19th-century skyscrapers

Author Donald Friedman’s new book explores the structure, history, and preservation of skyscrapers built in America in the late 19th century.

Taking a rigorous approach to creativity in civil engineering

How can civil engineers integrate more creativity into their work? Oliver Broadbent takes a rigorous approach by balancing creative thinking with analytical and technical thinking to support the profession’s overall success.