Society Honors Heidi Nepf With Rouse

ASCE has honored Heidi M. Nepf, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE, with the 2019 Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award for fundamental contributions to environmental fluid mechanics and her world-renowned work on the impact of vegetation on flow, transport in rivers, wetlands, lakes, and coastal zones, and her efforts toward public education in science and the mentoring of students and young researchers.

Nepf’s contributions to hydraulic education at undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development levels are as significant as her fundamental research. She trained over 25 master’s students and more than 10 doctoral students. Many of them have become well-respected research leaders in their fields. She is also a frequent lecturer at international summer schools and master classes (highly successful ones at RiverFlow Conferences, Gerhard Jirka Summer School in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, etc.).

Being closely surrounded by young researchers and engineers, all enthusiastically discussing various problems, Nepf becomes indeed a truly inspirational mentor and advisor. Another side of her educational work is her energetic effort in the popularization of science and engineering among students and wider community groups through popular articles, public lectures, and documentary films.

The Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award is presented, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Environmental & Water Resources Institute Hydraulics and Waterways Council, to a distinguished person who will deliver the Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Lecture at an appropriate meeting of the Society.


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