Society Awards Fujino With the Housner

ASCE has honored Yozo Fujino, Ph.D., with the 2020 George W. Housner Structural Control and Monitoring Medal for pioneering research in the development and implementation of structural monitoring and control systems in large-scale structures, as well as for his commitment to developing innovative education programs for students.

Fujino has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of structural control and monitoring, particularly with respect to structures exposed to wind. He is one of the most influential leaders of the monitoring and control field, and has made countless pioneering contributions to bridge dynamics, wind effects on structures, structural health monitoring and the development of passive and active control technologies for the protection of large-scale structures.

He pioneered the development of the tuned liquid damper (TLD), a revolutionary passive control concept, because it dramatically simplified the placement of a large reactive mass while providing improved damping attributes. His impactful contributions spanned from the development of their operational principles to optimizing how they are deployed in the design and construction of large structural systems. He is also a leader in the use of dampers to mitigate rain-wind induced vibration of bridge cables.

His research activities over the past two decades have provided important mathematical models that were confirmed with both laboratory and full-scale experimental studies. His papers and reports in the area of passive and active control solutions for wind-induced structural vibrations have been widely cited and extensively used for the design and implementation of practical solutions by industry.

Fujino’s impact on the academic field and industry in Japan was recognized by the Emperor of Japan with the Medal with the Purple Ribbon in 2007. He was selected to receive the Japan Academy Prize, which is the highest civilian award given in Japan.

The George W. Housner Structural and Monitoring Medal recognizes outstanding research contributions to the broad field of structural control and health monitoring. 



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