Philadelphia and Mississippi Net YMG Awards

ASCE has honored the Philadelphia Younger Member Forum (Large Groups) and Mississippi Section Younger Member Group (Small Groups) with the Younger Member Group Award for their outstanding professional, technical, social, outreach and community service activities

The Mississippi Section YMG has been working to bridge the gap between students and professionals with various events ranging from community service, social events, presentations and award ceremonies to participation in conferences. This past year, the YMG organized the student leadership conference (SLC) that brought together ASCE Student Chapters from Jackson State University, Mississippi State University, and the University of Mississippi. Members of the YMG are very active in Section, Branch, Institute and Society leadership, serving on various committees and the Governing Board.

The Philadelphia YMF host at least three events per month throughout the year. They have 20+ volunteers on their Board working to develop and organize efforts aimed at providing members with professional development, networking and volunteering opportunities. Their Civil Engineering Club uniquely targets middle school students, making it the first program of its kind in the nation. The Club runs weekly throughout the school year and features volunteers ranging from civil engineering university students to industry professionals, who attend the after-school sessions to present on civil engineering topics and run relevant, hands-on activities, all coordinated by Board members.

The Younger Member Group Award recognizes the most outstanding Younger Member Groups of the previous year.


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