Paving the Way to a New Surface Transportation Bill: Insights from Senate Committee Chair Inhofe

“That old document that no one reads anymore or pays any attention to, it’s the Constitution,” said Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, chairman of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “It says what we are supposed to be doing here … defending America and the roads, highways, and bridges.” Hear Sen. Inhofe share why short-term extensions don’t work and why we need continued federal investment in our nation’s roads, bridges, and transit systems.

In this edition of the ASCE Interchange video series, Sen. Inhofe talks with ASCE Senior Managing Director Casey Dinges on the federal government’s role in infrastructure, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and the importance of a long-term surface transportation bill. He also explains what ASCE members and the public can do to help advance this important cause.

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