Nagarajaiah Receives Newmark Medal

ASCE has honored Satish Nagarajaiah, Ph.D., F.ASCE, with the 2020 Nathan M. Newmark Medal for the development of nonlinear dynamic analysis techniques for base-isolated structures, development of adaptive stiffness systems, negative stiffness systems and smart tuned mass dampers, as well as for sparse structural system identification techniques and laser-based noncontact strain sensing using nanomaterials.

Nagarajaiah’s pioneering work leading to the solution of the highly nonlinear, bidirectional stick-slip hysteretic response of a collection of sliding isolation bearings has had a worldwide impact in the field of seismic isolation. He was the lead author of the computer program 3D-BASIS, and the efficient numerical algorithms he developed for the seismic analysis of base-isolated structures eventually made their way into commercial software such as SAP and ETABS. He is also internationally recognized for his outstanding contributions in structural control, particularly in adaptive stiffness systems, semiactive variable stiffness systems, smart tuned mass dampers, and sparse structural system identification.

The impact of Nagarajaiah’s work is evidenced by citations to his work (over 10,000 in Google Scholar and over 5,000 in Web of Science) and his H-Index (51 in Google Scholar and 39 in Web of Science). His seminal contributions have earned him many honors, including the 2017 Raymond Reese Research Award and the 2015 Leon S. Moisseiff Award – both from ASCE. He has delivered plenary and keynote lectures at important international events around the world and is editor-in-chief of three major international journals.

The Nathan M. Newmark Medal is bestowed upon a member of the Society who, through contributions in structural mechanics, has substantially strengthened the scientific base of structural engineering; these contributions having been made in the form of papers or other written presentations.


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