LeFevre Award Goes to SUNY Buffalo

ASCE has honored the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering (Large Program) with the 2020 Walter LeFevre Award for their outstanding program promoting licensure, ethics and professionalism.

SUNY Buffalo’s Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering Program takes advantage of a strong ASCE Student Chapter and local Buffalo Section to bring messages and experiences of professionalism and licensure into the student experience. The close relationship with the local section facilitates bringing practitioners to campus on a weekly basis to advise on the school’s concrete canoe team, give guest lectures and serve as mentors to students, even beyond graduation. These activities complement hands-on design coursework and field trips to view construction projects, Engineering Intramurals extracurricular activities, and a Professional Practice course in senior year that touches on health, safety, welfare of the public, communications skills and lifelong learning. A tradition of inducting students into the Order of the Engineer also instills a sense of professionalism in graduating seniors.

The Walter LeFevre Award recognizes academic institutions for their outstanding actions in promoting licensure, ethics and professionalism.


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