Kwok Earns Jack E. Cermak Medal

ASCE has honored Kenny Chung Sau Kwok, Ph.D., with the 2019 Jack E. Cermak Medal for his outstanding contribution to the understanding of wind-structure interaction and its application in wind engineering research and practice, particularly the wind-induced responses and vibration mitigation of wind-excited tall buildings, and the effects of building vibration on occupants.

Kwok has contributed extensively in the area of wind engineering, in particular with the interfacing of high-level research in wind-induced structural engineering toward practical applications leading to design of large structures in Australia and Hong Kong. His specific scholarly contributions to the elucidation of mechanisms of aerodynamic stabilities, investigation of interference effects of adjacent bodies, and design of novel vibration absorbers have been translated into the practical design of structures. He has been a pioneer in wind engineering, as demonstrated by his publications predicting the large impact of vibration control systems in suppressing wind-induced vibrations many decades before these observations, and thus paving the way for next-generation researchers.

His research studies have led to large-scale design and construction in many parts of the world. Also very notable are his innovative and highly multidisciplinary contributions toward the use of new building motion simulators to evaluate human comfort and productivity.

This medal was established by the Engineering Mechanics Division / SEI to recognize Dr. Jack E. Cermak’s lifetime achievements in the field of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics.


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