Kutter Awarded the H. Bolton Seed

ASCE has honored Bruce L. Kutter, Ph.D., M.ASCE, with the H. Bolton Seed Medal for important and sustained contributions to the physical modeling of geotechnical and soil-structure systems to earthquakes, and for centrifuge research and continuing leadership in the field.

The Seed Medal is awarded for cumulative distinguished contributions. Kutter has demonstrated pioneering and cutting-edge works in geotechnical earthquake engineering through physical modeling testing. His continuing leadership has been acknowledged in the international collaborative works on the combination of centrifuge model tests and blind predictions by numerical models on earthquake response of soil structure systems, including liquefaction of foundation.

Kutter has published hundreds of papers, is an excellent speaker and is the recipient of a number of distinguished awards. He has also been active in many collaborations and professional activities, becoming in the process a recognized international leader in the area of physical modeling with geotechnical earthquake engineering.

The H. Bolton Seed Medal recognizes outstanding contributions to teaching, research and/or practice in geotechnical engineering. 


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