How to Find Your Work-Life Alignment

The pressures from one’s career and personal life can be difficult to cope with. So, finding the perfect work-life balance is crucial to having a healthy life and satisfying work environment.

However, new studies show that professionals should aim for work-life alignment, not balance. Work and life should not be two separate entities. Instead, life is the big picture, and work should be a part of it.

In this episode of “ASCE Interchange,” Hugh Scott, life coach and owner of HCS4 Consulting, discusses how to achieve work-life alignment.

The path to alignment is different for everyone. But it starts with integrating what you do with who you are.

“It took me a couple [of] different steps from my first job to really get into a situation where I had more access to things like leadership and to experiences where I started to think about things like, ‘What’s my purpose? What’s my passion? What do I really want to do with this thing called life?’” Scott said. When those things are determined, one can begin to align work and life.

Scott believes that during this journey, it is important to surround oneself with the right people. He also discusses how companies and families can support work-life alignment.

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  1. Absolutely, accept the author’s introduction words that shows the real interactive of livings , healthy life goal plan, life value, corresponding with the vital link between career and conditions in job places surrounded with right people such as positive conditions surroundings or these of negative also , impact healthy , career goals and professional goals also.

    Exploring job places to proceed above life goals and professional goals are crucial to escape unnecessary negative effects for ones who had careful mind upon different humanbeings’s mind within daily job places where are embarked mainly by a lot of daily hours.

    God bless.


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