How to Cultivate Innovation in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are problem solvers.

However, the biggest pitfall that civil engineers face during the problem-solving process is working within self-imposed constraints. To inspire a-ha moments, they must disrupt conventional ways of thinking and take on a more human-centered approach.

In this episode of the ASCE Interchange, Brent Darnell, owner and president of Brent Darnell International and an emotional intelligence expert, discusses how design thinking can lead civil engineers to creative problem-solving.

“We have an infrastructure that’s crumbling, we need the best, the most innovative approaches to be able to fix all that needs fixing,” said Darnell. He believes that collaboration, innovation, and embracing change are key to eliminating preconceptions.

Darnell also describes the five stages in the design-thinking process and how civil engineers can effectively incorporate them in future projects.


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