Gulliver Earns Hunter Rouse Award

ASCE has honored John S. Gulliver, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE, with the 2020 Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award for over three decades of service in bringing water quality into the field of hydraulic engineering, educating engineering students, authoring prominent textbooks and handbooks and serving the engineering practice.

Gulliver exemplifies the approach and capabilities of Hunter Rouse. Over many years he developed and exercised significant depth of knowledge regarding basic processes associated with water entrainment and conveyance of air and other material in water flows. This sound grasp and use of fundamental principles, together with his expertise with modeling techniques, has enabled him to substantially assist in the design or diagnosis of various situations in engineering hydraulics.

Additionally, Gulliver started working on intake vortices and adapted his research to the water quality impacts of hydraulic structures. Consequently, he brought the fundamental aspects of chemical engineering into a realistic, practical description of the processes of bubble-water-gas transfer, which can add oxygen to the water, sustaining aquatic life, but also can result in high nitrogen concentrations that can result in dissolved gas bubble disease in fish, especially juvenile fish migrating downstream along rivers.

In more recent years, Gulliver has turned his research interest toward water quality issues regarding storm sewer systems. His ingenuity resulted in a patent and licensing to a company that has sold approximately 1,200 SA baffles across the United States.

The Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Award is presented, upon recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Environmental & Water Resources Institute Hydraulics and Waterways Council, to a distinguished person who will deliver the Hunter Rouse Hydraulic Engineering Lecture at an appropriate meeting of the Society.


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