Tag: Water Resources

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Exploring cybersecurity challenges in the water sector

A recent study in the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management seeks to understand different stakeholders’ perspectives on the issue of cybersecurity in the Israeli water sector.

What can civil engineers do to prevent another Flint water crisis elsewhere?

So, in the aftermath of the Flint water crisis, what lessons have civil engineers learned?

New paper optimizes testing of groundwater for vulnerability

Using the DRASTIC method, an index-based methodology, researchers assessed groundwater contamination to develop a vulnerability map.

Artificial lake fulfills many roles in a new Houston park

Hines Lake provides the local community with stormwater treatment, flood control protection, recreational facilities, and other benefits.

How wet is your wetland?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Swamp School have each released tools that automate the process to determine if a wetland is in dry, normal, or wet condition at any time.

Artificial archipelago will store thermal energy off Helsinki’s coast

Ten 225 m diameter ‘islands’ – four encased in domes to form greenhouses – will store heat in deep, thermally insulated basins that can hold up to 10 million cu m of water.

Policy Briefing: Bipartisan water and wastewater bill clears Senate easily

In late April, the Senate handily passed legislation that would authorize more than $35 billion for drinking water and wastewater programs over five years.

Construction begins on phase 2 of longest tunnel in Missouri

Upon completion in early 2025, the 6.8 mi sewer tunnel will contribute to the St. Louis region’s ongoing efforts to improve water quality in streams and rivers.

The Augusta Canal helped power a Georgia city’s burgeoning textile industry

The Augusta Canal in Georgia created the largest industrial complex in the 19th-century South.

Policy Briefing: Biden plan focuses on transportation, water, and resilience

The Biden administration’s proposed $2 trillion American Jobs Plan calls for massive increases in federal funding on infrastructure, particularly in the transportation, water, and resilience sectors.