Go Forward Faster with ASCE

ASCE marked its 167th year in 2019 – one that upheld our goals of engagement and creativity in the civil engineering profession. We also enhanced our commitment to members by expanding exclusive benefits. But as we begin a new year, it’s time to look ahead.

Where will you be in five years? Whether you envision having a new job or new roles, it means new possibilities! ASCE membership will take you where you want to go. It is the best way to invest in yourself right now.

As an all-encompassing civil engineering organization, ASCE strives to give you the best professional and technical resources. We value technical excellence, professionalism, integrity, advocacy, public policy, innovation, leadership and management – skills and attributes engineers need to be successful world builders.

The Society’s Forward Faster campaign highlights what matters most to you: career advancement, personal growth, building a better world and member value. It also aims to reinforce future-focused strategies and initiatives. And as our global membership grows, we will continually invest in what matters most to us. You!

We have done that by doubling the offerings of our free PDH program to 10, while continuing to provide free Elearning Webinars and AccessEngineering publications exclusively to ASCE members. We’ve also created a new Career by Design portal to help accelerate your career. Programs like Future World Vision and Engineer Tomorrow prepare you to navigate challenges in a rapidly changing world. Conferences and networking events as well as volunteer roles expand your opportunities in the profession. These programs and benefits can propel your career forward, but it’s your involvement that makes all the difference.

Giving you the most out of your ASCE membership is our core mission. As a one-stop shop for all civil engineers’ professional and technical development needs, ASCE will prepare you for the future and enable you to make a bigger difference.

Don’t miss these other ways ASCE is working for you:

Enliven your walls for the new year

Get organized in style with ASCE’s Bridges 2020 calendar. Each month showcases a spectacular bridge, along with a brief history of the bridge’s engineering significance. They’re just $10 each when you buy two or more. Preview and order yours.

Refinance student loans

Are you still paying off your student loans or your high-interest-rate debt? ASCE can help you save thousands of dollars. The Society’s refinancing program works in partnership with the online personal finance company SoFi to reduce your debt. Start saving today!

Give back to ASCE, serve the public good

Each year, thousands of professionals lend their time and skills to support ASCE’s mission to enhance the civil engineering profession. Whether you’re interested in volunteering once or on a recurring basis, you can offer your expertise. Check out featured opportunities.

Enjoy and learn from ASCE’s lively podcast

Hear from dynamic civil engineers reshaping the profession. Learn about their projects and passions, and what it takes to succeed. The “ASCE Plot Points” podcast tells their stories one engineer at a time. Listen to the latest episodes.

Safeguard your business

Protect your business with ASCE’s Member Insurance program. Its dependable coverage gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best. Visit ASCEinsurance.com.
Recruit and earn rewards

Know someone who can benefit from ASCE? If so, you can benefit too. The Member Get a Member program calls on existing members to recruit new members and earn awesome rewards along the way! Refer and start earning.

Submit nominees for ASCE awards

ASCE continually honors civil engineers who advance the profession in innovation, leadership and management. February and March deadlines are fast approaching for many notable awards. Think you know someone worthy of recognition? Submit them for consideration.

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