For Peurifoy Award, It’s Robinson Fayek

ASCE has honored Aminah Robinson Fayek, P.Eng., M.ASCE, with the 2019 Peurifoy Construction Research Award for her contributions in fuzzy logic theory and practice for construction engineering and management.

Robinson Fayek is in a distinct class of academic civil engineers who have successfully bridged the gap between academic theory and engineering practice to exert real change within the construction industry. Since joining the University of Alberta, she has been awarded extensive funding for her research from a range of government agencies and industry groups. She has received over $4.2 million in top academic, peer-reviewed funding from NSERC (similar to NSF funding) for the purpose of conducting state-of the-art research in areas that have not yet been widely developed in academia but for which there is a strong industrial demand.

Her exploration of novel approaches for decision-making in construction has been consistently groundbreaking, resulting not only in the creation of software solutions that have been embraced by industry, but also in the development of new data collection and process modeling techniques that have considerably advanced academic research within and beyond her field of study. These innovative approaches for solving construction-related problems have created a fundamental paradigm shift in how we model subjective uncertainty and expert knowledge, allowing the development of solutions that were previously inaccessible to researchers and practitioners.

The Peurifoy Construction Research Award is made to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of construction engineering through research and development of new technology, principles, or practice.



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