Decker Elevated to Fellow

Christopher S. Decker, P.E., F.ASCE, a senior vice president and project manager for RDM International Inc., has been named a Fellow by the ASCE Board of Direction.

Decker has more than 27 years of experience working as a pavement engineer on airfield and roadway projects for miscellaneous state department of transportation agencies, commercial airports and military bases. Over the course of his career, a firm understanding for the pavement material production and placement processes as they relate to specification requirements have led to an expertise for evaluation and design that is second to none. Early in his career the processing of construction aggregates using either quarried or sand-and-gravel operations of almost every minerology, as well as the use of those materials to develop pavement materials (both asphalt concrete (AC) and portland cement concrete (PCC)), provided the basis for understanding pavements.

He has provided numerous papers and presentations on pavement evaluation, proper design and analysis of airfield pavements, grading concerns, mix design development, production concerns and constructability-related needs. These presentations have been given across the U.S. and abroad. Over the past 10 years, multiple awards have been presented for flexible and rigid designs constructed using AC and/or PCC materials on airfield pavements in Milwaukee, Kansas City, Detroit and Columbus, Ohio.

As the son of a construction equipment operator, Decker developed earnest work habits and an ethical personal code. He started building decks, reshingling roofs, and at one point worked part-time for a carpenter building homes. Reading plans and addressing proper measurements introduced him to the practice of engineering. As an engineering professional, he continues to remain active on many levels, particularly in his community.

On a professional level, he works to treat every project with the proper attention needed and to apply practical knowledge to everyday concerns. This has led to significant growth within RDM International Inc. for the past decade.

Decker is an active participant in many professional societies and is licensed in 25 states.


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