Tag: Materials

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Evaluating dowel-type connections’ performance in cross-laminated timber

A paper in the "Journal of Structural Engineering" studies the performance of cross-laminated timber dowel-type connections.

First Step: New engineer pivots from Disney to NASA

Maxx Taga, EIT, A.M.ASCE, took a circuitous route to civil engineering — one that wound from movies to roller coasters and rocket ships.

Paper explores positives and negatives of construction industry’s sustainability practices

A new paper for the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management seeks to identify the positive and negative interactions for both practices -- circular economy and lean construction.

The Victoria Falls Bridge holds its own against a natural wonder

Connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls Bridge is a testament to man's ambition and outside-the-box thinking.

Emerging technologies for resilient infrastructure

Implementing emerging technologies will prove crucial to the resilience of the civil infrastructure of the future.

How effective is building waste as a sand substitute in backfill material?

A new paper in the "International Journal of Geomechanics" looks specifically at replacing sand with waste materials in a retaining wall.

Got face masks? Make a road!

Wondering what to do with those millions and millions of disposable face masks that people have been wearing during the pandemic — and then disposing of basically wherever they please?

Turtle-inspired dome tops former Tammany Hall

The interior of New York City’s former Tammany Hall was replaced with a modern concrete structure topped by dome that honors the Lenape.

Would you believe what wood can achieve?

University of Maryland researchers are turning trees into super-strong, nearly invisible, and definitely “cool” building materials.

New method developed to create super-hard metals

Researchers at Brown University have developed a pressure sintering method that compresses individual nanoclusters of crystals to form macro-scale chunks of super-hard solid metal.