Biden’s United for Infrastructure remarks back ASCE’s investment message

In the biggest sign yet of the growing momentum behind ASCE’s infrastructure investment message, President Joe Biden delivered a powerful statement at the United for Infrastructure 2021 #LeadWithInfrastructure kickoff event, Monday afternoon, May 10.

“Let’s get to work. Not only building back better, but building back together,” Biden said during the virtual event.

“Now we have an opportunity to make truly transformational investments.”

ASCE is a long-time member of the United for Infrastructure steering committee, a diverse group of non-partisan organizations representing businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens.

Monday’s kickoff event also featured U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, former ASCE president Kristina Swallow, P.E., Pres.18.ASCE, director of the Nevada Department of Transportation and chair of ASCE’s 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, along with several other key policymakers and leaders.

Between the launch of the report card in March and President Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill, the American Jobs Plan, the path toward large-scale federal investment seems more imminent than it has in perhaps a generation.

“There really is no better time in our history to fund infrastructure,” said ASCE President Jean-Louis Briaud, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, Dist.M.ASCE. “Our infrastructure needs to be upgraded. We need a boost to our economy and to our morale.

“The time is right to make a big difference to be remembered for a long time to come.”

As part of the United for Infrastructure 2021 series of events, ASCE is hosting two policy briefing webinars. The first was Monday afternoon – “Accelerating Sustainable, Resilience Infrastructure and How to Measure Success,” and included ASCE Executive Director Tom Smith.

A second webinar – “Stretching the Dollar: Asset Management as a Tool to Improve Resiliency” – is scheduled for 1 p.m., Tuesday, May 18.

Learn more and register for the webinar.

Learn more about United for Infrastructure 2021 and see the complete calendar of events.

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  1. Unfortunately, very little of the $2.3T infrastructure plan has anything to do with replacement, rehabilitation and replacement of our crumbling infrastructure. We should not support this bill unless all social service components masquerading as “infrastructure” are eliminated.

  2. Actual infrastructure is one thing, but most of this bill is for “other” non infrastructure. There is no “climate crisis” so enough already with more costly, less reliable energy.

  3. I am very concerned that our engineering societies are being used to push forward a socialist agenda. As the trillions of dollars flow out and our national debt balloons, the fate of our children and grandchildren will become increasingly fixed with no way out.

    • Our infrastructure isn’t going to fix itself. If not now when do we start making the large investments to move from C- to C+ to B to A? How will the infrastructure rating improve without investing sooner than later?
      Our grandchildren will have more issues to deal with if we wait rather than investing now. With the tax breaks provided in last administration to large corporations and high earners, with everyday Americans footing the bill (breaks expire this year), I am hopeful a change is made soon to keep the ballooning down and support future generations.
      We need investment now. The hardest times in American history have been supplemented with large investments in infrastructure, to jumpstart the economy, providing benefits for all, while boosting economy and future growth. This is our time to make a new deal for our family, communities, and country.

  4. Well stated David, Frank and James. Its typically political smoke and mirrors to call it an Infrastructure funding bill or a Jobs bill when the large majority of it is funding neither. Great name that looks sweet in the headlines… and does little to support what it’s name alludes to. Its also sad that our previous president didn’t make this a higher priority. I hope it gets cleaned up and becomes what is appears to be.


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