ASCE Plot Points Season 3 Episode 2: The Gift of Presence

Maybe you’ve recently been offered the chance to go work a career fair or talk to some students at a local school. And maybe you’ve thought, “Sure, it might be fun, but what would I even say? Why would those kids want to hear my story. I’m nobody special.” But maybe you’re totally wrong. Your presence for just one afternoon can have a huge effect on a student’s life. Jonathan Brower, as he was starting his structural engineering career, took over a civil engineering club at a high school in his hometown of Dallas. Seven years later, the club is thriving and countless students have been inspired by Brower’s generous dedication (2:16). In our latest “True Adventures” story, Cris Surbeck recalls the project early in her career that found her working to solve a prison’s contaminated water problem (15:24). And in Member Memos, we travel down memory lane to hear what civil engineers remember knowing about the civil engineering profession when they were in high school (21:15). Listen to the episode below, and subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.
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