ASCE Plot Points Season 2 Episode 9: The View From Outside

Margarita Kruyff is not a civil engineer. But she works with civil engineers every day in her job as the assistant director of the Environment and Sustainability Department for the City of Miami Beach and also serves as chair of the ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Institute Miami-Dade Chapter. So she is uniquely positioned to provide insights on what it’s like to work and communicate with civil engineers from a non-engineer’s perspective; insights she shares in today’s episode of ASCE Plot Points (0:54). Then, Danielle Schroeder’s structural engineering origin story starts close to home. Literally (12:00). And in Member Memos, we learn what skills civil engineers need to develop so that they take on more project leadership roles (15:33). Listen to the episode below, and subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.
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