Once upon a time

ASCE Plot Points Season 2 Episode 2: Storytelling is an essential skill. The ability to share information about a project or about the kind of work you do has the power to influence and connect audiences. It can also be the difference between booking a job or not. The way you frame and tell your own story is absolutely critical. So today we tell stories about telling stories. Alex McDowell, an award-winning production designer for dozens of Hollywood films, talks about the way he is blending storytelling and data-driven research for ASCE’s Future World Vision (1:43). In Changing the World, Ariel Christenson explains how she crafted her “infrastructure story” to advocate for infrastructure investment on Capitol Hill (15:39). And in this week’s Member Memos segment, civil engineers talk about how storytelling helps them with their work everyday (20:06). Listen to the episode below, and subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts.
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