Overcoming the Obstacles to Innovation

Issues with the Flint, MI, water crisis and Washington, DC’s metro service show us that now, more than ever, innovation is required to reinvent our approach to sustainable infrastructure.

Introducing innovation inherently presents several obstacles for organizations and businesses to overcome. Whether the source of the obstacle is funding, technology, manpower, or operations, DC Water’s CEO and General Manager George Hawkins, Esq. believes innovation is beneficial even for the most risk-averse businesses.

“We innovate on anything and everything, financial or otherwise. We are interested if it can allow us to do our work better, faster, and cheaper,” Hawkins said.

In this edition of ASCE Interchange, Hawkins discusses how he was able to reinvent his organization after it had lost the public’s trust. He introduced money saving innovations that will benefit customers for decades to come, all while ensuring the highest level of sustainability in the projects. And, he moved these projects forward while complying with increasingly restrictive regulatory requirements and juggling a more than four-billion-dollar budget.

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