Ethics: Doing the Right Thing

Ethics lie at the core of all engineering decisions. And the decisions made by civil engineers can affect millions of people.

Despite the importance of ethics, many questions remain about ethical issues pertaining to sustainability, billable hours, and how to voice ethical concerns to a superior.

“You can always find another job, but you can’t build another career,” said Steve Starrett, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, F.ASCE, F.EWRI, dean of engineering at LeTourneau University, in the latest edition of ASCE Interchange.

Starrett’s advice for young engineers is to maintain the high ethical standards outlined in ASCE’s Code of Ethics. Additionally, he gives some real-world examples of engineering dilemmas his students and colleagues have faced and the responses these cases evoked.

Starrett’s new book, Engineering Ethics – Real World Case Studies, coauthored by Amy Lara, Ph.D. and Carlos Bertha, Ph.D. is now available for purchase in the ASCE Library online.

To view all Interchange episodes, visit ASCE’s YouTube channel.

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