2019 Younger Member Group Awards Are In

The Large Group award goes to the Los Angeles Younger Member Forum

“For outstanding professional, technical, social, outreach, and community service activities on behalf of the Los Angeles Section.”

From the record

It is my pleasure to nominate the Los Angeles Younger Member Forum (LA YMF) for the ASCE Younger Member Group Award. During the 2017-18 year, ASCE LA YMF has strived to provide a professional, fun, and active group of engineers who continually hit on all cylinders. The group continues to set new goals and build on their past successes to expand and create new events with new groups, including the Five-Day Engineers Week, which ASCE Society Past-President Kristina Swallow attended for two days, and the Order of the Engineer ceremony, which was hosted atop LA City Hall with a distinguished roster of guest speakers, among them Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, City of Los Angeles Chief Engineer Gary Lee Moore, and Metropolitan Water District Director Howard Lum.

The team also improved on past events: the Student Mixer brought together over 75 students from all 11 LA Section ASCE Chapters to discuss transitioning from college to professional, and the importance of keeping ASCE membership as a professional.

The group has also grown within ASCE to be more involved in Branch, Section, Region 9, and National-level activity, as their application shows. I believe the ASCE LA YMF Group will bring forth many future leaders of engineering companies, large utilities, and of the Society itself. It is with great confidence that I nominate ASCE LA YMF for the Group Award.

The Small Group Award goes to the Hawaii Section Younger Member Forum

“For outstanding professional, technical, social, outreach, and community service activities on behalf of the Hawaii Section.”

From the record—

The ASCE Hawaii Section submits the enclosed nomination material in support of Hawaii Section Younger Member Forum (YMF) as a worthy recipient of the Younger Member Group Award for small younger member groups.

We are extremely proud of the Hawaii Section YMF, which continues to provide important services and opportunities for our state’s young civil engineers while engaging them in ASCE activities and committees, community service, and educational outreach throughout Hawaii.

Having attended YMF meetings, Junior Engineering Nights, social events, and other activities, I always find myself reinvigorated by the energy, camaraderie, and uplifting spirit exhibited by this group. I have worked previously with many members of the TMF Board and can attest to the hard work and dedication that members of this group bring to our Section.

The Younger Member Group Award recognizes the most outstanding Younger Member Groups of the previous year.


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