Welcome to your new Civil Engineering Source

An all-new, digital news and information site, the Civil Engineering Source, debuts on Monday, Nov. 16.

Civil Engineering Source is a new benefit providing ASCE members one-stop access to industry news, career and management articles, Society news, job postings, and practitioner-focused technical updates. The site also features a completely redesigned, mobile-friendly Civil Engineering magazine digital edition, with expanded online-only content published continually.

A companion daily newsletter will use an AI-driven publishing platform to deliver a personalized, “smarter” news digest to subscribers each day. The more that newsletter subscribers click on articles they like, the smarter the enewsletter will get at serving up content they want to read – especially content reflecting their professional specialty.

“We’ve heard from our members that finding time to stay on top of news and developments is one of their biggest challenges,” said ASCE’s 2021 President Jean-Louis Briaud. “I expect members will find these one-stop sources highly useful. Using artificial intelligence is especially exciting, as it will learn each member’s preferences overtime to deliver a one-of-a-kind newsletter.”

“We’re excited about our new ability to deliver timely news and information in these easy-to-use digital platforms,” said Tom Smith, ASCE executive director. “They are the latest extension of our ongoing efforts to provide great value to our members.”

Members will automatically begin receiving the daily enewsletter if they had subscribed to the weekly ASCE News enewsletter. Those members who did not receive the weekly enewsletter are invited to subscribe at info.asce.org/CE-Source-Subscribe. The Friday edition of the Civil Engineering Source newsletter will be a weekly roundup of the the week’s top news and will also be available to members who do not wish to receive the daily edition.

With the launch of the Civil Engineering Source website and daily enewsletter, ASCE is retiring the current ASCE News weekly enewsletter. The daily ASCE SmartBrief industry news digest, published through a third-party agreement, will be phased out in early 2021, and in January 2021, Civil Engineering magazine will be published in print six times a year.

For any questions about the new website and enewsletter, write to [email protected].

Tips for getting the most from Civil Engineering Source

Be sure to safelist [email protected]

Check your inbox or spam filter to find the first newsletter issue on Monday, Nov. 16

Train the newsletter’s AI by clicking of stories of interest; allow two weeks for the “break in” period

Bookmark the Source landing page

Share your feedback!


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