Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

Earth is the foundation upon which civil engineers build thriving communities, improving the quality of life for people everywhere.

April 22 marks Earth Day, the world’s largest environmental campaign, celebrated in more than 193 countries. Millions around the globe give a voice to environmental issues and remind us that we too must do our part.

Civil engineers are entrusted to harmonize the built and natural environments for current and future generations and must lead in sustainable development – development that serves people and communities, protects and restores the natural world, and is affordable by reducing life-cycle costs.

To integrate sustainability principles into professional practice, start by reviewing Canon 1 of ASCE’s Code of Ethics. Next, review the Society’s sustainability resources, which give you the tools and information to comply with the principles of sustainable development and to understand and address the social, economic, and environmental considerations involved.

Take it a step further and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices by getting certified as an Envision Sustainability Professional. Or plan to attend the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI 2019), in November in Los Angeles.

And let’s not forget the little everyday things we can do to be sustainable and practice what we preach. For example, we can start by taking public transit when we can. Not only will we be lowering our carbon footprint, but public transportation is often faster, more efficient, less stressful, and frees up time to work or read while traveling.

We can also look for other transportation alternatives, such as ride sharing or biking when feasible. More cities are creating bike-friendly lanes to accommodate cyclists who want healthy, sustainable, and affordable alternatives to driving.

In general, we can look for opportunities to reduce, recycle, and reuse in everything we do, ranging from energy to materials to water. And speaking of water, we are fortunate in the United States and many other countries to have clean water from the tap, thanks to civil engineering, as a healthy and affordable alternative to bottled water.

Earth Day may be one day out of the year, but as civil engineers we must walk the talk, professionally and personally, and treat every day like its Earth Day. It’s up to us to ensure a sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

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