The Road to the Future of Transportation

Could you imagine a world without transportation?

Probably not.

That’s because the built world we live in wouldn’t be possible without it.

According to ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, U.S. roads carried people and goods over 3 trillion miles in 2016 alone – or more than 300 round-trips between Earth and Pluto.

As our population grows, the need for pioneering solutions does too. Today, we’re amid exciting times in transportation, and civil engineers have the means to redefine society.

In this edition of the ASCE Interchange, Veronica O. Davis, P.E., a transportation engineer, co-founder of Black Women Bike, and co-owner and principal planning manager at Nspiregreen, discusses the future of transportation.

“Transportation engineers need to rethink how we do our performance metrics,” said Davis, who believes a challenge in transportation planning is the way to reclaim space to move more people.

Davis also explores the idea of moving people versus moving cars, the introduction of automated vehicles, and how the sharing economy will affect the transportation industry.


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