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Exploring cybersecurity challenges in the water sector

A recent study in the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management seeks to understand different stakeholders’ perspectives on the issue of cybersecurity in the Israeli water sector.

The key to structural safety may be collaborative reporting

Modeled on the British CROSS-UK system, CROSS-US accepts reports from any professionals who work with or have knowledge of structural safety issues.

Emerging technologies for resilient infrastructure

Implementing emerging technologies will prove crucial to the resilience of the civil infrastructure of the future.

Surviving high winds: Enhancing the durability of residential construction

Extreme tornado events can cause damage and loss of life as a result of flying debris and collapsing structures. While most tornadoes are generally weak and occur in lightly populated areas, there are extreme events, like one in March 2020 that ravaged Tennessee. Multiple storm systems resulted in two tornadoes, one in Cookeville, Tennessee, and the second near Baxter, Tennessee with wind speeds of...

Engineering Ethics: Public health, safety, and welfare

How can civil engineers balance their mission to improve infrastructure with their ethical obligations to society? In the first of this three-part series, interviewees discuss how engineers’ actions impact the public.

Applying virtual reality to assess construction’s ergonomic risks

Can a virtual reality-based ergonomic assessment method reduce the need for physical mock-ups and lessen the cost and time required to develop and implement an improved workstation design? A new study conducted experiments.

Modern roundabouts boost traffic safety and efficiency

The modern roundabout keeps traffic moving more safely and efficiently. Studies even credit these roundabouts with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Optimizing safety through design

In the high-risk industries of civil engineering and construction, workers are often exposed to serious hazards. According to OSHA, one in five worker deaths in 2018 were in construction. The leading causes are a result of the “Fatal Four” – falling, being struck by objects, electrocution, and caught-in-between hazards. So how can you improve safety and the overall success of your projects?

Engineers work to reduce drowning deaths at low-head dams

A coalition of civil engineers, academics, professional organizations, and regulatory agencies is working to raise public awareness about the dangers associated with low-head dams.

ASCE paper analyzes construction safety climate with international focus

A new paper uses a standardized tool to compare the safety climate in the Chinese, Australian, and Indonesian construction industries.