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Childhood friends’ business innovation built to change concrete industry

A group of childhood friends in upstate New York knew they wanted to go into business together. The innovation they developed might just change the concrete industry.

Engineering innovation solves the problem by eliminating the problem

A new innovation coming out of Romania is fundamentally changing the way sewerage projects get done.

New app incentivizes people to ‘do the right thing’

The E-Bin app – which can be downloaded for free in the Apple app store or Google Play store – simplifies the recycling process while also incentivizing behavior by establishing a system of rewards.

Student project becomes a real-world water pollution game-changer

Microplastics are a potentially dangerous emerging pollutant in water supplies. A team of Georgia Tech students may have just solved the problem.

Past ASCE Innovation Contest Winner RoadBotics Fulfills Its Promise

Five years in, the ASCE Innovation Contest has produced a remarkable legacy of bright ideas and infrastructure solutions. Among the most successful of success stories is RoadBotics, a Pittsburgh-based company that uses smartphone and artificial intelligence technology to help monitor and maintain infrastructure assets. At the 2018 ASCE Innovation Contest, RoadBotics earned five honors, including Greatest Impact on Delivering the ASCE Grand Challenge Award. Two years later,...

ASCE Innovation Contest Relaunches, Extends Entry Deadline

The 2020 ASCE Innovation Contest entry deadline has been extended to account for disruptions wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The contest will now be accepting entries through July 15. Developed as part of the ASCE Grand Challenge as a springboard for forward-looking infrastructure ideas, and in its fifth year, the Innovation Contest is open to anyone with a high school diploma (academics, industry professionals, undergrads, grad...

ASCE Cancels Student Competitions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

ASCE has announced the cancellation of all remaining Student Conferences and student competitions for the 2019-20 school year – including the National Concrete Canoe Competition – because of the uncertainty and health concerns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “We have taken this measure so that faculty and students may focus fully on completing their semesters remotely and in full consideration of their health, safety and...

2020 Innovation Contest Now Open; Competition Finals at ASCE Convention

What could be better than the return of ASCE’s Innovation Contest? Two ASCE innovation contests. In its fifth year, ASCE’s annual search for creative, new infrastructure solutions has grown into two related competitions – the traditional Innovation Contest and the ASCE Regional Student Innovation Contest. Both contests will hold final competitions during the ASCE 2020 Convention in Anaheim, California, Oct. 30-31. The ASCE Innovation Contest was developed as...

Innovation Contest Winners Find Real-World Solutions

And here we thought the future of engineering was smart technology. Perhaps there is merit in the art of being dumb. Technically speaking, at least. The Emerald Tutu earned the Overall Grand Challenge Award, Thursday, during the 2019 ASCE Innovation Contest celebration event at ASCE Headquarters in Reston, Virginia. The Emerald Tutu’s lead developer, Gabriel Cira, himself refers to the project as dumb tech rather than...

ASCE Announces 2019 Innovation Contest Honorees

Civil engineering is not a profession that lacks for great ideas. The 2019 ASCE Innovation Contest makes that much clear. “The entries and winners have jumped another level higher in quality this year,” said Marc Hoit, Ph.D., F.SEI, F.ASCE, Innovation Contest chair and vice chancellor for information technology at North Carolina State University. “This year's winners are the best yet and should attract investors.” ASCE’s Industry Leaders...