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StartUp Part 5: When to make your first hire

Too much interest? Too many good opportunities? It’s the kind of problem small-business owners dream about – but a problem to address, nonetheless.

Business leader learns employees can work successfully from home

Lee Slade, P.E., M.ASCE, chair of Walter P Moore, explains that there are new ways to 'meet' challenges.

On-the-ground advice on avoiding burnout during a pandemic

Tommy Faulkner, P.E., LEED AP, answers seven questions and offers advice on how to avoid burnout for yourself and your staff during a pandemic.

Josh Giegel, CTO of Virgin Hyperloop, talks technology and transportation

Josh Giegel, the chief technology officer of Virgin Hyperloop, chatted with Civil Engineering magazine about the technology and future implications of hyperloop travel.

Protecting your business from cyberthieves

The internet ecosystem is constantly evolving, and it has created a number of unintended opportunities for cyberthieves. Knowing what to do should you fall victim to a cyberthief will prove invaluable.

StartUp, Part 2: Learning to Be Profitable

It usually starts with a daydream. “What if instead of working for my boss, I was the boss? What if I was the one making all the decisions? Maybe I could start my own company.” For 99 percent of civil engineers, the daydream remains just that – the stuff of imagination. Mike Howell, on the other hand, turned that dream into reality. After nearly 15 years of...