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Historical San Francisco building connected to new luxury high-rise

Built in 1903, the Aronson Building survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fires. It’s been seismically strengthened and tied to a new luxury high-rise.

Historic Washington, D.C., library gets a makeover

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library was transformed into a structure with vibrant multiuse spaces and a renovated rooftop that maximizes city views.

Who is responsible when a substituted product causes trouble?

A contractor decided not to use a brand-name product. The consequences were costly.

How wet is your wetland?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Swamp School have each released tools that automate the process to determine if a wetland is in dry, normal, or wet condition at any time.

Artificial archipelago will store thermal energy off Helsinki’s coast

Ten 225 m diameter ‘islands’ – four encased in domes to form greenhouses – will store heat in deep, thermally insulated basins that can hold up to 10 million cu m of water.

Civil engineers help cities weather the storms

Some of the cities in our Best Places for Civil Engineers 2021 index are also those prone to strong storms and rising sea levels. Coincidence?

Italian and Chinese architecture combine in Chengdu, China, complex

Design firm aoe has combined two distinct architecture styles — Italian and Chinese — in one pavilion complex to illustrate the cultural mix that defines the history of Chengdu, China.

Then and Now: Baltimore’s Penn Station to be restored, expanded

The work, which will create a hub for commuters and nearby neighborhoods, will renovate the historic 1911 structure and add a new concourse and two new towers.

Sea wall hidden within sand dunes to protect NYC Rockaways

Shoreline protection for the New York City borough of Queen’s Rockaways will link green infrastructure, community resiliency, and equity.

Slideshow: Striking geometric lines to elevate conference venue’s expansion in Beijing

The 16-building, 438,500 sq m exhibition venue expansion combines indoor and outdoor spaces in a design inspired by the lines and textures of traditional Chinese ceramic roof tiles.