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Legal Brief: When two professionals seal a drawing, who is responsible?

More than just a simple ritual or formality, an architect’s or engineer’s seal placed on drawings is perhaps the most important statement that can be made by one of these practicing professionals.

Shenzhen, China, transportation hub inspired by mangrove’s root structures

With transit connectivity inspired by the root structure of mangrove trees, the new transit hub in Shenzhen, China, will link air-, land-, and water-based transit.

Italian and Chinese architecture combine in Chengdu, China, complex

Design firm aoe has combined two distinct architecture styles — Italian and Chinese — in one pavilion complex to illustrate the cultural mix that defines the history of Chengdu, China.

Slideshow: Striking geometric lines to elevate conference venue’s expansion in Beijing

The 16-building, 438,500 sq m exhibition venue expansion combines indoor and outdoor spaces in a design inspired by the lines and textures of traditional Chinese ceramic roof tiles.

Slideshow: Design of Belgium casino reinterprets area’s historic sand dunes

The coastal casino, to be built in the municipality of Middelkerke, Belgium, will boast organic exterior lines and offer seawall protection, walking paths, and rooftop plantings.

The recovery will be uneven in more than one way

As the economy recovers, firms should remember those workers left behind.

Adapting community engineering work to COVID construction challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has both highlighted the importance of fundamental community infrastructure and made it increasingly difficult (if not downright dangerous) to construct and update that very infrastructure.

Third-quarter data depict good news for AEC industry despite pandemic

Most notably, the survey shows a lack of expansive layoffs in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

AEC industry shows signs of slow but steady recovery

As of late August, early third-quarter economic data and consumer confidence indexes were heading in the right direction as the architecture, engineering, and construction market segment began to pull out of a relatively short but substantial recession, according to AEC industry economists. After COVID-19 shutdowns and stay-at-home orders in many areas of the country in the second quarter of 2020, the deep trough in...

Near-Term Economic Forecasts Plunge amid COVID-19 Uncertainty

ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, and construction (AEC) forecasters are struggling to comprehend the economic hardship that is likely to arise from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting market influences. Although signs of a mild slowdown were prevalent before the pandemic, previous forecasts can be “thrown out the window,” says Richard Branch, the chief economist at Dodge Data & Analytics, of Bedford, Massachusetts. Several recent surveys of industry...